- ABAP samples

Hi, my name is Kris. I've been developing in SAP & ABAP since 1999.
Feel free to use my samples and tutorials in your programs.
ALV tree based on class CL_SALV_TREE Commit Work in SELECT statement ALV popup based on class CL_SALV_TABLE ALV popup based on classic style REUSE_ALV_POPUP_TO_SELECT function module ALV color palette - example based on class CL_SALV_TABLE Events in the object oriented ALV based on class CL_GUI_ALV_GRID Events in the object oriented ALV based on class CL_SALV_TABLE ALV editable popup based on classic style REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY function module Refresh ALV classic style grid after edit without pressing ENTER - based on REUSE function Reference on the local internal table from event handler in object oriented ALV Generate fieldcat for ALV classic style grid Information about amount of read records returned by SELECT, SELECT SINGLE, SELECT COUNT, etc. Tabbed block at selection screen - returning to previous selected tabstrip Tab character as delimiter in ABAP string Unicode check for old programs Package processing of mass data with database commit and SELECT statement Field value request (F4) with filter Execute system command from ABAP Events in ALV tree based on class CL_SALV_TREE User exits in the transaction PFCG Background job - ensure sequential processing Solution Manager - hierarchies and data model Saving and restoring selected radio buttons on selection screen New General Ledger documents in logical database BRF How to avoid displaying zero in data cells in ALV SQL inner join vs. join of internal tables Solution Manager - open project transaction SOLAR02 for logical document Create and display protocol in style of transport tools Submit program RFBIBL00 and display protocol from your ABAP Display protocol of batch input processing - transaction SM35 Select-Options in dynamic WHERE condition called per RFC Split ABAP string to internal table retaining whole words Read internal table with dynamic specified keys ALV table edit with copy row, check against duplicate keys, protocol and delta update Report customer modifications of SAP standard in your system Upload Excel file to internal table Protocol messages into application log Upload data to Excel template Read FI document from remote system with different coding block fields Save internal table as CSV file delimited by Tab Package processing of mass data with COMMIT WORK and SELECT statement Dynamic variant of a ABAP Program Dynamic check of authorization object SAP Fiori Launchpad - call classic transactions with WebGUI Read binary file from application server SQL outer join vs. join of internal tables Selection Screen with Push Button Three types of transformation to generate XML from ABAP Two ways to pretty print XML output from ABAP
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