Save internal table as CSV file delimited by Tab

The easiest way to save internal table as CSV file with columns separated by Tab as delimiter-character is to make a use of parameter WRITE_FIELD_SEPARATOR in method GUI_DOWNLOAD of CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES.
Remark #1: If you need semicolon instead if tabulator, then use function SAP_CONVERT_TO_CSV_FORMAT to convert the output.

Remark #2: Pay special attention for columns with numbers and amounts, they will be written out converted with effective settings for thousand and decimal separator.
See an example below.
REPORT ztest.

  BEGIN OF ts_itab,
    field1(3)  TYPE n,
    field2(10) TYPE c,
  END OF ts_itab.

  ls_itab TYPE ts_itab,
  lt_itab TYPE TABLE OF ts_itab,
  lv_path TYPE string VALUE 'c:\tmp\test.txt'.

ls_itab-field1 = '111'.   ls_itab-field2 = 'AAA'.   APPEND ls_itab TO lt_itab.
ls_itab-field1 = '222'.   ls_itab-field2 = 'BBB'.   APPEND ls_itab TO lt_itab.
ls_itab-field1 = '333'.   ls_itab-field2 = 'CCC'.   APPEND ls_itab TO lt_itab.

CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>gui_download
     filename                  = lv_path
     filetype                  = 'ASC'
     write_field_separator     = 'X'   " Separate Columns by Tabs in Case of ASCII Download
    data_tab                  = lt_itab
    file_write_error          = 1
    no_batch                  = 2
    gui_refuse_filetransfer   = 3
    invalid_type              = 4
    no_authority              = 5
    unknown_error             = 6
    header_not_allowed        = 7
    separator_not_allowed     = 8
    filesize_not_allowed      = 9
    header_too_long           = 10
    dp_error_create           = 11
    dp_error_send             = 12
    dp_error_write            = 13
    unknown_dp_error          = 14
    access_denied             = 15
    dp_out_of_memory          = 16
    disk_full                 = 17
    dp_timeout                = 18
    file_not_found            = 19
    dataprovider_exception    = 20
    control_flush_error       = 21
    not_supported_by_gui      = 22
    error_no_gui              = 23
    OTHERS                    = 24.

IF sy-subrc <> 0.
  WRITE: / 'Error, sy-subrc =', sy-subrc.
  WRITE: / 'OK'.
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